3th Annual Congress

311 midwives from Kabul and provinces with 85 honored guests participate
in congress from 1 st to 2 nd May, 2007 in In-saf Hotel. Kabul, Afghanistan
The congress began by recitation of the holy Qurhan by one of midwives.
Review of the congress schedule. Dr. Nadera Ayat Borhani Deputy Minister
of Public Health opened the congress. USAID Representative presented the
speech, after that Pashtoon Azfar the AMA President presented the AMA
reports. After a short break RH director discussed about that How MOPH
can support the AMA? After the discussion Dr. Mahruf Sameh from
AFSOG presented his message, Dr, Saleh Moh. Rahman from pediatrician
Association presented his Message and Guljan Jala from midwifery and
nursing presented her Message.

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