6th Annual Congress

In order to review the progress of the midwifery profession in the world and
particularly in Afghanistan and to review the AMA performance AMA has conducted
regular annual congress since 2005. During those congress participants identify
challenges and opportunities to advocate and improve midwifery profession and in
order to improve the midwifery service for women and their family in Afghanistan.
Opening of the 6 th annual congress:
Congress with more then 550 participant including Midwives and High level guests
and with this theme( Afghanistan needs competent midwives : education ,
regulation and professional association) was opened by recitation of holy Quran
and Afghanistan national Anthem then Ms Pashtoon AMA president welcomed,
honorable guests and midwives and congress was adorned by Afghanistan
Midwifery National Song (AMNS) then her Excellency Deputy Minister of Public
Health, Dr. Nadera Hayat Burhani and American Kabul ambassador, HSSP Chief of
Party. These main speakers emphasized on role of professional associations as a most important effort to improve the quality of health care with aim of reduction of maternal mortality in Afghanistan.

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