7th Annual Congress

The 7 th annual congress was holding, while AMA held its initial congress for the first time on 2005
with participation of 80 members from 11 provinces by financial support of only one sponsor
ACCESS of USAID-Fund, to support increasing number of midwives and to champion the profession
through advocacy and education, while now in 7 th annual congress AMA has enlarged number of its
members from 80 to 2050 across branches of 33 provinces, with direct financial support of more
than 29 partners, private companies and NGOs. Abovementioned achievement has influence
mission and vision of AMA to strive and enhance the strength of midwifery profession beside
effective role of midwives to ensure high quality of midwifery services for wellbeing of women and
their families within the country.
AMA would like to thank HSSP for their financial support for this congress. AMA would like
to acknowledge efforts of midwifery programs and midwifery education implementing &
BPHS implementing NGOs for their active contribution in this regard and AMA executive
board members for their valuable inputs


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