11th Annual Congress

The Afghan Midwives Association (AMA) held its 11 th annual congress to discuss ways to improve
maternal and newborn health. This year’s theme was “Midwives for a Better tomorrow,” highlighting the
contribution of midwifery to improving health outcomes in Afghanistan.
Mohammad Asif Rahimi, Herat’s governor and Dr. Najia Tareq, Deputy Minister for Service Provision
from Ministry of Public Health opened the congress. Over 420 people attended the two-day event. The
AMA Congress brings together maternal and child health policymakers, providers and recipients
annually and is the largest event of its type in Afghanistan.
Gov. Rahimi praised the midwives for their sacrifice serving those most in need. “I am sure that your
profession is full of challenges and problems,” said Gov. Rahimi. “You are serving in rural areas where
basic comforts are not available for you and your families, but you have shifted your families to those
places and serve your nation proudly.”
Delivering remarks via video, the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) Health
and Nutrition Office Director celebrated the midwives. “Time and again, midwives have proven their
capability to support and provide one of the most basic rights: respectful care and skilled services for
women during labor and delivery.”
The Congress supports an open exchange of information for AMA members and partners on
international advancements in midwifery and maternity services. It promotes collaboration with
international midwifery communities and donors. Day Two featured a “Mini University” skills training,
focused on teaching high-impact interventions to prevent maternal and child death.

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