ICM Global Standards for Midwifery Regulation (2011)

The International Confederation of Midwives (ICM) has developed the ICM Global Standards
for Midwifery Regulation (2011) in response to requests from midwives, midwifery
associations, governments, UN Agencies and other stakeholders. The goal of these
standards is to promote regulatory mechanisms that protect the public (women and families)
by ensuring that safe and competent midwives provide high standards of midwifery care to
every woman and baby. The aim of regulation is to support midwives to work autonomously
within their full scope of practice. By raising the status of midwives through regulation the
standard of maternity care and the health of mothers and babies will be improved.
These standards were developed during 2010 in tandem with the development of global
standards for midwifery education and the revision of the ICM essential competencies for
basic midwifery practice. Together, the ICM essential competencies and the global
standards for regulation and education provide a professional framework that can be used
by midwifery associations, midwifery regulators, midwifery educators and governments to
strengthen the midwifery profession and raise the standard of midwifery practice in their
When midwives work within such a professional framework they are supported and enabled
to fulfil their role and contribute fully to the delivery of maternal and newborn care in their

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