AMA Strategic Components

1. Advocacy and partnership with women
Strategic Objectives:

  •  Implement advocacy activities midwifery profession to ensure the provision of highest level of midwifery services.
  •  Conduct and collaborate for safe motherhood activities.
  • Collaborate with partners for women empowerment activities

2. Sustainability as an organization
Strategic Objectives:

  • Strengthen leadership, management and governance capacity of the Afghan Midwives Association and Organization of Afghan Midwives (OAM)
  •  Develop financial sustainability plan for the AMA/OAM

3. Education, training, professional & career development
Strategic Objectives:

  • Recognize nationally as technical body for midwifery education including pre and in- service education
  • Strengthen technical capacity of midwives to enable the highest quality midwifery care according to ICM code of ethics and core competencies
  • Conduct advocacy activities for direct entry and bridging midwifery education program with the Kabul Medical University and Private University
  • Provide technical support for direct entry or bridging midwifery education program (as and when required by any authorized entity)

4. Establishment of Regulatory Body  
Strategic Objectives:

  • Follow – up for the approval of Act
  • Facilitate approval of Council’s strategic plan

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