ama-profile-2015-1Afghan Midwives Association is one of Strong professional association in Afghanistan.  The purpose of the Afghan Midwives Association (AMA) is to advocate for the midwifery profession and strengthen the role of midwives to ensure the well-being of the women and their families in Afghanistan.
The Afghan Midwives Association (AMA) was formed in May 2005 with the support of the USAID-funded ACCESS project and registered with Ministry of Justice. AMA is formally registered as member association of International Confederation of Midwives (ICM) in November 2005.
The AMA is a midwifery-led, national non-governmental organization whose primary purpose is to implement programs that build the capacity of midwives and increase access to quality midwifery services.
Main Focus area for AMA (11th Congress- 2015)


1.    Regulation;
Advocacy for AMNC establishment;
•    Identify and lobby with authorized sectors of the governments who have influence to support the AMNC establishment process
•    Advocacy for and independent and permanent council for midwives and nurses
•    Create an appropriate system to ensure quality accreditation of midwifery education & practice

2. Capacity building;
– Scaling up of the midwifery bridging program and direct degree
– Increase the number of trainings and update the training packages based on new standards

3. Next steps-Career path;
–    Create opportunities for midwives to continue their higher education on Master and Doctoral levels even abroad the country
–    Increase the number job opportunities for midwives to work on managerial levels
–    Unify midwifery program
–    Design online course on local languages
–    Produce E-Learning modules on local languages
AMA has played an important role in development of midwifery profession, advocating for the recognition of midwifery as a distinct profession. The Association is leading the whole midwives related issues in the country; main focus is on midwifery education, registration, accreditation and career development.  AMA is widely recognized association both nationally and internationally, it has strong network with key actors including donors, UN family, line ministries and other associations.

AMA Profile 2015

ama-profile-2015-1The AMA profile contains a complete overview of AMA Mission & Vision and its Structure.

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