9th Annual Congress Report

The 9th AMA annual congress was conducted on 29-30 April 2013, (9-10 Sawr 1392) at Paiwand-i-Qalbha Hall, Taimani Watt, Kabul, Afghanistan. The congress was organized with the generous financial support of Cordaid, in collaboration with Ministry of public health. Almost 400 Midwives out of 700 participants’ attended this annual congress. These 400 midwives were sponsored by BPHS implementers and AMA partners.

This year’s theme for the congress was “High Professional Ethics: Ensuring Quality Midwifery Services to Improve Women’s and Families’ Wellbeing. The aim of current year’s annual congress was to promote observation of professional ethics in midwifery practices and to advocate for having a professional regulatory system national midwifery and nursing council. In addition, providing an opportunity for midwives to learn about recent advancement in midwifery/maternal care and to share and learn from each other.

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