Midwifery In-service training project

To achieve AMA strategic objectives and strength AMA as a technical body for regulation, education and professional development of midwives to enable the highest quality midwifery care according to ICM code of ethics and core competencies and to advocate for increased accesses to the highest level of midwifery care in context of UNFPA interventions to reduce maternal mortality and morbidity; this project focused on improving the quality of midwifery services through provision of trainings and improving the quality assurance standards. The project also focused on the development of institutional capacity and relevant institutional capacity of AMA to formulate evidence based policies for the design and implementation of midwifery programs.

The mission of the Afghan Mmidwives Association (AMA) is to promote and strengthen the midwifery profession and the role of the midwife to ensure high quality midwifery services for the wellbeing of women and families in Afghanistan.In-service and quality improvement trainings for midwives play a critical role in the achievement of this mission. The Quality Assurance Process, Family Planning and BEmONc trainings were organized by Afghan Midwives Association (AMA) with financial support of United Nation Population Fund ( UNFPA)  The beneficiaries of the these project were from UNFPA`s  priority provinces (Dykundy ,Bamiyan ,Badakhshan and Fariyab) .

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