ICM Global Standards for Midwifery Education (2010)

The ICM Global standards for midwifery education (2010) are one of the essential
pillars of ICM’s efforts to strengthen midwifery worldwide by preparing fully qualified 1
midwives to provide high quality, evidence-based health services for women,
newborns, and childbearing families. ICM’s pillars include updated core
competencies for basic midwifery practise, midwifery education, midwifery regulation
and strong midwifery associations. The education standards were developed in
tandem with the update of the Essential competencies for basic midwifery practice
(2010) as these competencies define the core content of any midwifery education
programme. The education standards were also completed in harmony with
midwifery standards of practise and regulation (See web links to these other
documents). The Education standards are founded upon the guiding principles and
core documents of the ICM that are listed in Key References at the end of this
The midwifery education standards* were developed globally using a modified Delphi
survey process during 2009-2010 and represent the minimum expected for a quality
midwifery programme, with emphasis on competency-based education rather than
academic degrees. Companion Guidelines were also developed to address the
following questions: “What is needed to implement each standard (suggested
guidelines)?” and “How does one determine whether the standard has been met
(evidence needed)?” A glossary of key terms used throughout the Standards is
offered to assist in understanding.

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