ICM Standard List for Competency-Based Skills Training

I am delighted to introduce the ICM Standard Competency-Based Equipment List for Basic Skills
Training in Midwifery Schools. This standardised list of equipment, teaching, and learning materials
has been developed by a team of regulators, educators, midwife practitioners, and development
partners within the Africa region, as part of the ICM/UNFPA joint programme “Investing in Midwives
and others with midwifery skills to accelerate progress towards MDG 5”.
The goal was to develop the document as a reference for ‘programme’ countries in their efforts to
upgrade and/or equip the skills laboratories in midwifery schools. I believe they have succeeded
and urge all midwifery training institutions and other maternal, newborn and child health (MNCH)-
related organisations to use this reference in the development of midwifery faculty and
improvements in clinical sites.
The document is yet another contribution to ICM’s vision, “…a world where every childbearing
woman has access to a midwife’s care for herself and her newborn”. I sincerely thank all those who
have given generously of their time, knowledge and experience, so that, together, we can improve
the lives of childbearing women, their babies and their families.

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