MHTF annual report for WEB_0

UNFPA’s Maternal Health Thematic Fund (MHTF) supports critical interventions in countries with high maternal mortal-
ity and morbidity to strengthen health systems and ensure that women and adolescent girls have quality maternal health
services when they need them.
Thanks to the Fund, more women have access to a skilled birth attendant, and there are more opportunities for preventing
obstetric fistula and for reconstructive surgery for fistula survivors to restore their dignity, health and hope. While working
to help ensure that no woman dies giving life, the Fund also supports efforts to ensure that a woman’s tragic death in
childbirth does not go unregistered, un-acted-upon or quietly accepted.
The MHTF works in tandem with our Global Programme to Enhance Reproductive Health Commodity Security to help
countries enable women and girls to make fundamental decisions about their own bodies, attain the highest possible
standard of sexual and reproductive health and exercise their reproductive rights.

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