Minimum Standard for GBV

Gender-based violence is a life-threatening, global health and human rights issue that violates international human rights law and principles of gender equality. It is also a threat to lasting peace and an affront to our common humanity. United Nations Member States have called for urgent action to end GBV in emergencies, recognizing that in crises, the risk of GBV is heightened,
particularly for women and adolescent girls.
As a strategic priority, UNFPA is committed to scaling up our humanitarian response and enhancing our efforts to prevent and respond to gender-based violence. These Minimum Standards will help us deliver on this strategic objective – providing clear and unambiguous guidance for UNFPA staff and partners on how to prevent gender-based violence in emergencies, and facilitate access to multi-sector response services for survivors. These Standards provide concrete actions that can be contextualized across all emergency situations where UNFPA operates, including situations of conflict and natural disasters.

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