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Afghan Midwives AssociationAfghan Midwives AssociationAfghan Midwives Association

AMA Core Values


Gender equality, equity and inclusiveness: AMA will lead by example in promoting behavioral change and actions that will reduce power inequalities between genders, tackle barriers to equal participation of men and women in development process, and to increase the inclusiveness of Midwives from ethnic minorities.

Good governance: AMA will communicate openly and operate transparently and with accountability to its members and stakeholders.

Independence: AMA is an independent entity established by groups of dedicated midwives who works mainly on voluntarily base

Collaboration and partnership: AMA will encourage and facilitate the participation by Midwives from remote areas, NGOs, CSOs, the private sector, government institutions, and development partners in the planning and implementation of its activities.

Integrity and accountability: AMA will listen and respond to the voices of Mothers and Midwives and will strive to conduct its activities with efficiency and effectiveness and to a high professional standard.

Innovative: AMA opens to new ideas from our entire stakeholder, especially our members, service beneficiaries.

Ambition: Both as organization and individual staff members, we set ourselves and our colleagues high standards and are committed to improve quality of everything we do for our target beneficiaries.